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Get more from your land.

We believe that land can be both biodiverse and productive. Healthy ecosystems can truly create both tasty produce and useful services.

With Life to Land, we’ll guide you towards this goal, helping you find a practical solution which is relevant to your local context, whether you own a farm, a field or a garden. 

Together, we’ll create a vibrant landscape that supports both nature and people.

What do you need?

We’ve created several leading nature recovery solutions, including a new bespoke service for landowners. Discover how Life to Land can help you understand your patch, and sign up to the waiting list below.

Life to Land

Web app for landowners looking for customised nature recovery plans, on land from 1-100 acres in size.

Buy Native

A native plants search engine that helps you find trees and wildflowers which will thrive on your land.

How to Rewild

Step by step guides for bringing nature back to your land. The UK’s top rewilding advice website.

We support people and nature.

People and nature are two halves of a whole, and a landscape which delivers value for both is more sustainable. We base our advice and management plans around this simple idea, so that your garden, field or farm is not just rich in biodiversity, but a productive part of the wider countryside.

We believe that food and timber, alongside many other products, can be produced from healthy ecosystems. In fact, when it’s done correctly, this work can even improve the quality of a habitat, while making your land more valuable, too.

By contributing to productivity, we can also reduce our carbon footprint and become an integral part of the local community.

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Life to Land is currently under development, with over 25,000 words of original, researched content already uploaded to the site

Discover the future of nature recovery.

Life to Land is a new web app for people with 1-100 acres of land. Whether you manage a nature reserve, tend to a large garden or run a farm, this intelligent solution will provide you with clear and detailed advice.

Built from scratch, our service will show you exactly what you need to know, to manage your land.

Understand Your Site

Get detailed advice for each habitat on your site, with an automated seasonal report so you know what to do each day.

Scientific Advice

Guidance is based on scientific research, expert advice and real world data, and can be enhanced by an ecological survey.

Simple and Clear

Get clear and helpful advice that you can actually act on. Read more in special guides written just for Life to Land users.

Your land. Your choice.

It’s your land, and what you do with it should be your choice. 

We understand how frustrating it can be when someone who doesn’t know your patch tells you what you can and can’t do with it.

So all our advice is just that – a neutral suggestion – we’ll give you the information you need to make an informed decision. Then you choose what to do.

For every major type of British habitat, we’ll describe how to protect it (keeping it safe), and how to restore it (allowing natural processes to take over). Other consultants might tell you how to think. But we’ll let you know what’s on your land, and give you the knowledge to manage it by yourself.

A bit of background.

Life to Land is being developed by Chris D’Agorne, who owns a rewilding project in Somerset. Find out about more about the background to this project, what kind of guides to expect from Life to Land and how the Somerset project is going in this episode of the Wilder Podcast from the Grange Project. Previous Wilder Podcast guests include Prof. Alastair Driver, Director of Rewilding Britain.

Chris’ interview runs from 06:45 to the end of the episode.

“I just want a little Chris in my pocket, who can give me all his wisdom and knowledge when I feel I’m confused by any natural process or solution on the field… And his passion and enthusiasm, too!”

Chloe Constable

The Grange Project
(80 acre farm in Monmouthshire)

But that's not all...

Included in your Life to Land membership is ecological analysis of a historic local map, a filtered list of subsidies available to fund your project, and optional tree planting plans (available from late 2024).

Our database of nature recovery, rewilding and regenerative agriculture guides and information will grow over time, and you can access it all from a phone, tablet or desktop, whether you’re in the field or at home on the couch.

Are you a nature pioneer?

Join the other pioneering landowners who’ve already signed up to our waiting list – be among the first to test this tech when it becomes available in the next few months!

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