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Before you go...

Thank you for your support - your subscription makes a big difference to our small business.

Just so you’re aware, membership data is lost when you cancel and can’t be reinstated. 

We’re hoping to make your data portable as we scale up in size, but right now, your reading list, bird list, tree list etc will be lost when you leave (as stated above each list).

Used PayPal?

Just click the link below to start the cancellation process with PayPal.

In the next window, select ‘Life to Land‘ from your active subscriptions and click the Cancel button on the top right of the screen.

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Didn't Use PayPal?

If you didn’t create a subscription using your PayPal account, send us an email to hello@lifetoland with the subject line CANCELLATION and we’ll cancel your subscription, no questions asked. 

Any charges incurred between the email’s receipt and the cancellation will be refunded.

Any Problems?

If you’re having any issues after following the steps above, please get in touch via email: with the subject line ‘CANCELLATION PROBLEMS’