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For release on 27/03/24

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Landowner Tech Launch to Shake Up Field of Nature Recovery

London, UK – [Tuesday 27 February, 2024] – A new nature recovery portal which launches in public beta today is expected to disrupt the age-old consultancy model, which has excluded the general public from access to ecological advice. Life to Land is a new subscription service which offers advice, information and magazine-style content for just £15/month.

Up until now, landowners and gardeners seeking to bring back nature on their patch have had to pay high consultancy fees, signing multi-year contracts and paying thousands or tens of thousands of pounds, to access this level of guidance. The only alternative was spending months researching the information in scientific papers, books and industry publications.

Now, for the first time, Life to Land is gathering all of this information together in one accessible place. Alpha tester, Edwina Dunn, expressed her appreciation for the detailed content:

“Having just spent a year doing a rewilding course, it’s nothing short of amazing to find a website that gathers together so much of the knowledge I have acquired, and more. All I could think of as I explored the site was, ‘this is going to democratise rewilding so everyone can do it’.”

Another alpha tester was Rob Wreglesworth, an Associate Ecologist, who said:

“Clearly Life to Land is the result of huge amounts of research and thought. To have all this information distilled and arranged in such an easy to follow format is going to be so helpful.”

With expectations that the service would be in high demand, Life to Land’s waiting list has been open for applications since mid October. There’s now a sizable queue of clients waiting for today’s beta launch, from farmers to gardeners, conservationists to smallholders. While Life to Land is primarily designed for British users, the list also includes applicants from Spain, the Netherlands, France and Ireland.

This pioneering portal includes everything from lists of native tree species, birds and butterflies to funding for nature recovery projects, from habitat and livestock management guides, to a user forum and seasonal activities. The content is interactive, changes throughout the seasons, and can be browsed on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. With guides to garden, grassland and woodland management, Life to Land is designed to appeal to those with 1-100 acres of land.

The site’s founder, Chris D’Agorne – Rewilding Advisor to startup Wilderkind, and teacher on Embercombe’s Rewilding Training course – explained what motivated the creation of Life to Land:

“Most consultancies are only focused on larger landowners. I’ve heard from many people – even those with 50 to 100 acres that were frozen out by the current system. It’s such a waste of potential for all this land to be ignored – high time to create something that broke the mould, allowing the general public access to high quality ecological advice. I wish I’d had Life to Land when I began restoring my own 3.5 acres.”

Life to Land launches today with a free preview of content from the site – an intensively-researched article on the 50 most common British trees. Paid members will get access to more information about each tree, and see more than 180 tree species after signing up.

Sign up for the public beta at and be among the first to experience the future of nature recovery. Get access to expert ecological advice today on this comprehensive information portal. Join the movement to democratise nature recovery for landowners and gardeners across the UK and beyond.

About Life to Land:

Life to Land is a pioneering portal designed to empower landowners with clear and actionable advice for enhancing biodiversity and productivity on their properties. Developed in collaboration with landowners, the platform offers a comprehensive suite of resources accessible from any device, ensuring that nature recovery solutions are within reach for all.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Chris D’Agorne

Founder, Life to Land


With its emphasis on empowering landowners, fostering biodiversity, and providing accessible resources, Life to Land is poised to capture the attention of UK journalists focused on environmental issues and sustainable land management practices.

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