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Non-Native Sycamore is Top 3 Most Common British Tree, Reveals Nature Recovery Startup

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Non-native Sycamore is Top 3 Most Common British Tree, Reveals Nature Recovery Startup

London, UK – [Tuesday, 27 February, 2024] – Life to Land‘s analysis of 3 million species records reveals a startling truth: non-native sycamore has become the UK’s third most common tree, underscoring the alarming extent of biodiversity loss.

A detailed analysis of National Biodiversity Network data has revealed that non-native sycamore ranks at number 3 in the UK’s top 50 most common trees. The findings are revealed today by Life to Land, as the startup launches a nature recovery portal for gardeners and landowners, aiming to reverse the trend of biodiversity loss. The records include citizen science data from apps like iNaturalist, emphasising the important role of the public in monitoring the health of our ecosystems.

A September 2023 UN assessment found that invasive species played a ‘key role’ in 60% of global plant and animal extinctions. So non-native sycamore’s position at #3 on the list, and rhododendron’s #20 ranking should be of concern to policymakers. These fast-growing species can rapidly colonise habitats, outcompeting native plants. But landowners are fighting back against the threat of invasives, and are increasingly aware of the benefits of planting native trees.

Tree planting is a cornerstone of ecosystem restoration efforts in the UK, but many projects have a low diversity of trees. Some native species, like midland hawthorn, are very hard to buy from suppliers. In response to this, Life to Land is working to provide landowners with a more complete understanding of our tree diversity – the free list incorporates links to buy plants from independent nurseries.

“At Life to Land, we understand the importance of tree planting in promoting biodiversity, but we also recognise the challenges of finding accurate and reliable information,” said Chris D’Agorne, founder of Life to Land. “Our Top 50 UK Trees List is just a glimpse of the wealth of resources Life to Land offers, from funding sources to habitat management guides, video lectures, seasonal activities, magazine content and more.”

Life to Land’s commitment to democratising access to ecological advice extends beyond the release of the Top 50 Native Trees List. With the public beta launch of the platform today, landowners and gardeners across the UK can now access a comprehensive suite of resources aimed at enhancing biodiversity and productivity on their properties. At just £15/month, this service provides consultancy-quality advice for a previously underserved audience.

Join the movement to unlock biodiversity and experience the future of nature recovery. Sign up for the portal at and gain access to expert ecological advice today.

About Life to Land:

Life to Land is a pioneering portal designed to empower landowners with clear and actionable advice for enhancing biodiversity and productivity on their properties. Developed in collaboration with landowners, the platform offers a comprehensive suite of resources accessible from any device, ensuring that nature recovery solutions are within reach for all.

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With its emphasis on empowering landowners, fostering biodiversity, and providing accessible resources, Life to Land is poised to capture the attention of UK journalists focused on environmental issues and sustainable land management practices.

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