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Expert advice on land management typically means paying for a consultant, which can cost more than a new car. But we wanted to make this information accessible to a wider audience, and that meant bringing down the cost.

At Life to Land, you can access every part of the portal for a low monthly subscription. Try it for free, and cancel at any time, no questions asked.

What is Life to Land?

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Just £15/month

Valuable advice

There are clear and actionable guides for all landowners and gardeners on Life to Land, researched and written exclusively for members.

No contract. Low fee.

At just £15 / month with no contract, you can sign up and cancel whenever you like, no questions asked. We’re here when you need us.

Access for everyone

The evidence-based guides are relevant to gardeners, land managers, farmers, smallholders, consultants and ecologists.

Try it for free. Cancel, no questions asked.

Support Nature Recovery

Life to Land is a nature recovery startup based in Somerset – with our background in ecology and web design, we’ve been developing Life to Land since September 2023. The site was created based on suggestions and feedback from landowners across the UK, and our own experience managing land. 

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