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Top 50 Most Common UK Trees

What are the UK's most common trees according to the scientific data? We trawled 3M records to find out...

If you’re doing tree planting, then you may know that native trees are incredibly valuable for biodiversity. But it’s really hard to find a useful list of trees. So we did the research and trawled through the data to come up with this 2024 list of the most common UK trees.

Our Research

In early 2024, we spent days analysing 3 MILLION records on the National Biodiversity Network, to identify the most commonly-recorded trees in the UK and Ireland. This citizen science database includes records from apps like iNaturalist, so you may have contributed to the research!

We tallied it all up and put together this list of species, which includes whether the tree is native or non-native (introduced by humans). Most of the native trees have a link to our sister site Buy Native, so you can buy them from independent nurseries.

More Trees, Please!

This list is just a taste of one of the many nature recovery tools that Life to Land members can now access. As a member, you’ll see more than 180 trees, with detailed info including timber and fruit production…

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